Prof Ashish Nanda’s Visit

Prof Ashish Nanda, an alumnus of Salwan Public School (1968 – 1976) visited the campus on 2015. He is truly an impeccable global academician with extensive research experience, with last 20 years spent in teaching at the famous Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. He has recently come back to India to take up the responsibility of Director, IIM Ahmedabad.

On his arrival at the school campus, he was welcomed and presented with ‘guard of honour’ by smartly dressed NCC cadets – pride of Salwan Boys’. He was thoroughly impressed by their immaculate turnout and drill, and while appreciating their efforts wished that if he too had been exposed to NCC activities during his school days, he would have been physically fitter now. He addressed the students, exhorting them to do well in life with many anecdotes from his successful life. He shared his success mantra of hard work, systematic career planning and sincerity to rise high in life.

The overawed students enquired about the relevance of modern education in present professional scenario, future of Indian economy and way forward, ways to convert our weaknesses into strengths and importance of moral values in our lives. He patiently answered all the queries, and encouraged students to study hard, build up on their strengths, become entrepreneurs and create opportunities for others. The students were very happy after the interaction, and it was a truly inspiring event for all of them.

Visit of Delegation of British Students and Teachers

A 38 member delegation comprising of two Principals, 11 teachers, one Coordinator and 25 Students visited the school on 2015. Their aim was to get a first hand experience of the teaching and learning culture in India. After a brief session with the school principal and staff, the visiting teachers were delegated to various classes for teaching, while the students joined our students in their respective classes. It was a mutually gainful experiment for the visitors as well as the school, as we learnt the teaching techniques and methodology employed in Britain.

The visit has left an indelible mark on the memories of the visitors, which is evident from some of their observations and comments given below.

“My visit to your school has been very enjoyable. Your pupils are very loving and your staff is very able and passionate. I’m incredibly happy to come back to India and meet you all. Wishing you all the best for your future success, and all that you desire will one day come true if you work hard and thank God.”
Caroline, St Joseph’s College, UK

“Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. You have a very special school that is full of inspired students.”
Chris Banner, St Joseph’s College, UK

“The students here are very enthusiastic. They want to learn and take the opportunities they get. Students of VIII C are well behaved and the best class I’ve taught.”
Timothy, St Aida’s Catholic Academy, UK

“Fantastic school with very talented students. Impressive teaching standards.”
Louis Simpson, St Aida’s Catholic Academy, UK

“As soon as you walk through the door, you are greeted with beautiful students with a great love for learning.”
Kayleigh Crosbie, St Joseph’s, UK

“The students are well behaved, very keen to learn and try out new things. They are very polite and seem very happy.”
Gerry Nelson, St Aida’s Catholic Academy, UK