INFRASTRUCTURE The building of our school is big, spacious and attractive. With more than 22 Classrooms, Laboratories, a well equipped Library and Computer Lab, our campus is well ventilated and well equipped, where the campus itself becomes the training ground for students.

Careful planning has been done for comfortable movement and the vertical design has left a lot of open spaces. Students learn more, perform better and attend more often, when they are schooled in a sustainable building.

Fully furnished, well ventilated, and well equipped laboratories bring the child to ask questions …. Why this and why that? By applying the Socrates methods of teaching, we teach students to look for facts to pattern among a variety of sources And integrate them in a systematic and insightful manner that is useful for solving the specific problems, they are grappling

Our computer Lab established with help and support of Dell .It is working in close collaboration with the NIIT (pioneers in computer education in India) to bring information on finger tips of the children for them to assimilate the same into their classroom lessons .

Focus is on project based learning and networking with institutions across the world for gaining access to meaningful education.

Our library is housed in a very big hall which is fully ventilated, airy and spacious. And is stocked with rare books of immense knowledge for the overall development and improving the professional skills of the children. It is our intention to computerize the library for creating a vast knowledge bank…so that information is assimilated based on global knowledge systems for greater awareness.